Urmas Lüüs

Urmas Lüüs (1987) is a graduate of the Estonian Academy of Arts (BA 2011, MA 2014), specializing in jewelry and blacksmithing. Lüüs instructs students at the Estonian Academy of Arts, the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy’s Department of Performing Arts, and the University of Gothenburg’s Department of Metal Arts. He has previously taught at the Rietveld Academy in the Netherlands, the China Academy of Art, Silpakorn University in Thailand, and Hiko Mizuno College in Japan.

Urmas Lüüs focuses his artistic work on the combination of blacksmithing, sculpture, light, sound, classical craftsmanship, and different materials. He seeks common ground between seemingly disparate elements, creating comprehensive works that transcend disciplines and mediums. The artist rarely works with individual objects; he is interested in creating holistic compositions composed of hybrid forms.

Urmas Lüüs’s recent solo exhibitions include “The Owl Hooted and the Samovar Hummed Continuously” (with Hans-Otto Ojaste) at HOP Gallery, “Overpopulated Solitude” on the Independent Dance Stage, and “Everything is Connected to Itself” at Haapsalu City Gallery.

Urmas Lüüs is represented by Tütar gallery.


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