Kärt Hammer

Kärt Hammer (1988) is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Tallinn, Estonia. During her studies in Tallinn University (Philosophy BA, 2011, Theory of culture MA, 2014) her focus shifted towards existentialism and interpretation difficulties in art. The main focus in her work is pure aesthetics and free intuition through abstraction, while avoiding excessive textuality. Playing with void and noise through simple lines and forms, searching silence in chaos. Although Hammer is mostly expressing herself in abstract painting, she somehow analytically is connecting the overwhelming abstraction with installation and fashion. Working also as a stylist and costume designer, she gives clothes another perspective. Communicating with form, sculpting the material into a new meaning, directing the scene with colour and movement – or the absence of colour – and creating a world of her own.

Participating in group exhibitions since 2006 and doing solo shows since 2008. Latest projects: HAMMER/MUST (2023, Tallinn), VIERTEK/HAMMER VOL 1 (2023, Tallinn), LUX LOVE (2022, Paris), punane/red (2021, Tallinn), abstractions (2020, Tallinn).

Kärt Hammer is represented by Tütar gallery.

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