Katrin Piile

Katrin Piile’s (1987) artistic repertoire transcends the boundaries of traditional painting to encompass objects and installations. With a degree in painting from the Estonian Academy of Arts, she has honed her technical skills to create works that are hyper-realistic in nature. Her artworks are a rare combination of ingenious use of forms, reminiscent of sculpture, and documentation and seriality, typical of photography and video. Piile’s oeuvre deals with color composition, the history of painting, and methods of artistic representation. Her paintings are often executed in a style that teeters on the brink of hyper-realism. By fusing realistic elements with abstract shapes, she manages to create a fine balance between two seemingly opposite art styles, resulting in pieces that are visually engaging.

Piile has garnered acclaim for her contribution to the art world. In 2020 she was awarded with the prestigious Malle Leis art prize.

Recent exhibitions by Katrin Piile include “Origami” (2023) at Hobusepea Gallery and Pärnu City Gallery with sculptor Art Allmägi, and “In Search of Idyll” (2023) at Tütar gallery.

Katrin Piile is represented by Tütar gallery.


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