Tütar gallery is opened with a solo exhibition of the painter Katrin Piile

 Tütar gallery is pleased to announce the launch of its first exhibition, a solo show by painter Katrin Piile, in the newly built space in Tallinn Noblessner area.

Titled “Searching for Idyll”, the exhibition consists of a painting installation, which is dedicated to searching for something that will probably never be found. During the search, the artist tries to find and capture a break, a moment to focus on your breaching, silence and peace. According to art writer Laura De Jaeger, this is inextricably linked to painting, one of the expressions of which is the depiction of still life, or nature morte. “However, nothing is ever completely still. Every lifeless object carries some sort of movement, one way or another: it has its history, it’s sorted, exhibited and rediscovered. Piile’s exhibition combines different works to depict an active creative process.

“Searching for Idyll” comes across as a calm oasis where a certain restlessness can be perceived. It reflects the link between practice and exhibition. Piile gives the viewer a chance to pause and rest, but this pause is the result of an incessant and endless creative cycle (that doesn’t even want to end), in dialogue with the means used to paint. All in all, Piile has constructed the whole exhibition as a still life,” writes De Jaeger.

According to Mailis Timmi, the founder and Director of Tütar Gallery, the new gallery will mainly be representing the younger generation artists to help showcase their works in Estonia and abroad. “Tütar Gallery perfects the landscape of Estonian galleries, offering outstanding artists of the younger generation the opportunity to showcase their work both in Estonia and abroad,” explains Timmi.

Katrin Piile (1987) is a freelance painter and drawer. Piile’s work focuses mainly on the technical skills of painting, colour composition, painting history and various forms of depiction.

Katrin Piile’s personal exhibition at Tütar Gallery will remain open until 1 July and admission is free of charge. The gallery is located at Vesilennuki 24 in Tallinn Noblessner Area and is open from Wednesday to Saturday.

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.