Photos: Opening of “DIRTY WHITE” by Kärt Hammer

Kärt Hammer’s solo show “Dirty White” opened at Tütar gallery on Thursday, February 29. The exhibition project delves into the intimate interplay between the divine and the secular within earthly realms. Hammer examines humanity’s yearning for morality and purity, embodying her thoughts with expressive impact through the concept of “Dirty White.” Her artworks lead the viewer on a poetic journey of contemplation, moving away from over-explanation and rigid definitions of art, towards semi-divine concepts, shedding the weight of excessive explication and definition.

Kärt Hammer’s exhibition will remain open at the Tütar Gallery until April 7th.

Jewellery: Patrick Soome
Text: Eero Epner
Graphic design: Taavet Kohal
Installation support: Erkki Kadarik
Photographic documentation: Roman-Sten Tõnissoo
Exhibition opening gallery: Kaarel Antonov

Tütar gallery and artist Kärt Hammer express gratitude to: Velle Hammer, Mare Hammer, Eero Hammer, Patrick Soome, Rea Lest, Taavet Kohal, Kristel Jänes, Madis Laur, Henri Hütt, Henry Kasch ja Kanuti Gildi Saal, Andres Ojasu.

The exhibition is supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment, Kommipomm, Balen OÜ and TRAGE OÜ.