Liis Tedre

Liis Tedre (1976) graduated 2022 from the Department of Fine Arts of the Estonian Academy of Arts with a bachelor’s degree in graphics. To further enhance her craft, she sought professional development opportunities at Pallas Art School in Tartu and Dedalo Arte Contemporanea in Italy. As an artist, she values the tactile experience of graphic paper – its surfaces, textures, and nuances. Her portfolio showcases a blend of conventional and avant-garde approaches, with a particular focus on experimenting with new authoring techniques that exude playfulness and unpredictability. Recently, she has incorporated everyday objects into her works, injecting a whimsical and playful narrative. Tedre is fascinated by the enduring principles that govern the world, drawing parallels between the natural realm and human experience, while staying true to her passion for creating inspiring works that spread positivity and generosity. Her latest solo exhibitions include: “Infinity” (Okapi Gallery, 2024), “…before there was a seed” (Estonian University of Life Sciences Library, 2024) and “In the Beginning, There Was Grass…” (GÜ Gallery, 2023).

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