Liisa Kruusmägi

Liisa Kruusmägi (1988) is a freelance artist and illustrator living and working in Tallinn, Estonia. Kruusmägi holds a bachelor’s degree in painting (2010) and a master’s degree in drawing (2013) from the Estonian Academy of Arts. Kruusmägi has furthered her education at the Rhode Island School of Design and participated in numerous residency programs: James Black Gallery (Vancouver, Canada), AIRY (Kofu, Japan), Yosuga (Kyoto, Japan), Kitokia risograph studio in Lithuania, the Mark Rothko Art Centre in Daugavpils, and the São João residency in Brazil. Participating in group exhibitions since 2008 and holding solo shows since 2007. Kruusmägi’s style is distinctly lively, playful, and colourful. Her visual language has been influenced by everyday life, nature, and vibrant travel experiences.
Latest projects include “Memories from Altai Krai” (Tallinn City Gallery, 2024), “Binocular Creatures” (Vaal, 2022), and “Balearic Liisa” (Stella Soomlais studio, 2022).

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