Exhibition by Anna Mari Liivrand will open in Tütar gallery

Tütar gallery is pleased to announce the opening of “In the Shadow of Crumbling Silhouettes” by Anna Mari Liivrand on Thursday, July 13 at 6pm.

At the exhibition “In the Shadow of Crumbling Silhouettes”, Anna Mari Liivrand continues creating her own unique space, which offers the author and the viewer the change to withdraw from the merciless speed of the modern life, take time out to think and experience an unusual introspection. The artist, who is interested in rituals, leads the visitor to her exhibition that is not emphatically solemn like a religious service, but mundanely discreet and charmingly direct, at the same time capturing our world and the various aspects of life in a very natural way, and showing us their hidden, sometimes contradictory harmony.

The exhibition of Anna Mari Liivrand comes across as a quiet space full of potential that does not impose itself, whereby the uncertainty of the outcome does not cause anxiety, but a bright anticipation of something intangible.

“In the Shadow of Crumbling Silhouettes” will remain open until 16 September, admission is free of charge.

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.